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  • Hi I've recently been interested in becoming a medical regulatory writer and found RAPS, becoming a member and enrolling in their online certificate course in medical writing. I'm hoping to get some useful insight on how does one break into medical writing, and what is the best course of action in that regard I have a background in medicine, having...

  • I would like to get some kind of baseline answer to the perennial question, "How long is it going to take" for the compilation of a 510(k). - By "some kind of," I don't mean a single figure, but at least a range, perhaps along with some information about what variables can have a significant impact on the amount of time it takes. - By "compilation,"...

  • My experience is very limited, but my impression so far is that, when it comes to a product's regulatory status, people dealing with cannabis and other "natural" products tend to focus too much on the ingredients and not enough on the intended use, just as non-RA medical device professionals sometimes focus too much on the physical device. While...

Speaking at Convergence

"In speaking, I seek the satisfaction that comes from knowing I have made a positive impact on someone's career. Plus, I feel that speaking allows me to shape the development of future RA speakers. People will watch our presentation style and learn from it, in the same way I do. Our presentation content and style evolves and it is very important to listen to the participant's feedback to adjust our content and our style." 

Nicole Landreville, PEng, RAC, FRAPS. 


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