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10th Anniversary Member Spotlight: Richard Vincins

  • 1.  10th Anniversary Member Spotlight: Richard Vincins

    Posted 23-Jul-2021 08:09

    In honor of RAPS’ 10-year anniversary, we are highlighting the most active members from the past 10 years! Follow along to learn more about these top community contributors.

    Say hello to @Richard Vincins!

    Position: Vice President Global Regulatory Affairs

    Employer: Oriel STAT A MATRIX

    I have been in this role for over 4 years having been in the consulting part of medical device industry for over 13 years now.  We are a consulting company based out of Union, New Jersey, USA but I have lived in the United Kingdom for over 7 years now based remotely.

    What has been the highlight of your career over the last ten years?

    For the last years I have been in the consulting area which really gives me an awareness of struggles different companies go through maintaining compliance and meeting the myriad of regulatory requirements.  It gives me great satisfaction when I help a company either achieve certification or get their product on the market.  Probably the best event in recent memories is working with a company from the beginning of development, developing a regulatory strategy, having various Q-Submission meetings with FDA, and finally achieving 510(k) clearance for a new, novel device.

    What makes you most excited about working in regulatory affairs?

    The most exciting part of my activities are doing many different tasks with clients ranging from audits, training, support, submissions, or regulatory intelligence.  Luckily I found early on I have an aptitude to remember regulations but more importantly being able to apply them in the most effective manner.  So many companies get caught up in just following the regulations; I get excited helping companies find ways they can meet regulations while still improving.

    What is your #1 reason for becoming a RAPS member? 

    Because when I joined many years ago, my boss made me? Joking.  I was offered to join RAPS as supported by my company, which I readily joined.  I then realised not too long after becoming a RAPS member the benefits of interacting with like-minded colleagues at conferences, having a repository of information centralised, and working toward RAC certification.  I still have many friends and colleagues who I met years and years ago at RAPS conferences when held in Washington D.C. and still consider that a huge benefit in the interaction of people.

    What is your favorite part about RegEx?

    I contribute quite often to RAPS forums.  Many think it might be self-serving to promote myself or company though that is not the reason.  Over the years, I was reading RegEx realising many posts went unanswered or reply posts were, 'the regulation says ...' which is not beneficial to anyone.  My favorite part is being able to provide knowledge, but more importantly providing real-world application to hopefully help other regulatory professionals which are struggling in understanding concepts or meeting regulatory needs.

    If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

    Luckily my last few years in consulting have given me the opportunity to travel to many places in the United States and around the world.  I have been from Topeka, Kansas, USA to Milan, Italy to Kyoto, Japan and also taking personal holidays in new places.  However, I have not really had the opportunity to spend time in southern Asia, so I would like to visit Thailand, Vietnam, or Malaysia.  I am a big Formula 1 fan, so my dream trip right now would be going to the race in Singapore because it is a night race and seeing the "boat" building. 

    What food could you not live without?

    Food. Haha.  I love all different kinds of food, trying new dishes, but I guess what I would not live without is having chips/french fries.  Why would you not have a burger, fish n' chips, sandwich, or even just french fries on their own? Let's go to Belgium getting a cone with french fries and mayo - yummm !

    What is your go-to karaoke song?

    I don't do karaoke lol.  If I was forced to do karaoke (with some adult beverages included) it would probably be some showtune song like Let It Go!

    What piece of advice would you tell yourself in 2011?

    Don't work so much, there are many other things in life more important and to experience.  Even 10 years ago, work was all consuming which left me missing out on different opportunities with family and friends.  The life of consulting is interesting because you meet many new people, get to travel a bit, but honestly personal social life suffers because of travel or having projects.  I definitely would tell myself to find more work and personal life balance.

    Favorite book you’ve read this year?

    I read science fiction, fantasy, adventure books, which I have too many books.  I have been reading the Warhammer 40k Horus Heresy books which think on number 30 or something, out of 50+.  I do read different books in between and read a nice book called The Faded Sun by C.J. Cherryh which is a science fiction book set in a different time, different galaxy, and I liked how the author conveyed a different type of life.

    What is one question you have for the RegEx community?

    What do you have which is important in your life?  In the current situation of the world, many struggling both financially and mentally, I think it is a question everyone needs to ask about what is important to them in their life.  Luckily, I love what I do in regulatory affairs/quality, but I see so many struggling to understand maybe what they need in their life right now with so many challenges.

    Annie O'Brien
    Community Manager
    Regulatory Affairs Professional Society

  • 2.  RE: 10th Anniversary Member Spotlight: Richard Vincins

    Posted 26-Jul-2021 07:59
    I want to offer my heartfelt thanks to Richard for his great contributions to this forum.  He routinely provides a wealth of information, and does so in a light-hearted and engaging fashion.  Thank you, Richard!

    Regarding his question for the RegEx community: What do you have which is important in your life? The awareness that being in the moment and that what I have and what I am is enough.  It's taken way too long to have any consistency in  this awareness, and it's still fleeting--but slow progress all the time.

    Ted Heise PhD, RAC
    VP Regulatory & Clinical Services
    West Lafayette IN
    United States

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