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  • 1.  ISO Standards - ISO Store

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    Posted 16-Apr-2024 09:14
    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous

    Hello RAPS Team, 

    Can we buy ISO standards from other online stores such as 

    Online Browsing Platform (OBP)
    powered by ISO ®
    If an auditor finds a non-purchased (not for resale) copy of a standard, would it escalate to NC?
    If yes, which clause would be applicable as per ISO 9001 and 13485?

  • 2.  RE: ISO Standards - ISO Store

    Posted 17-Apr-2024 01:05

    ISO Standards can be purchased from online standards distributors as long as they are selling copyrighted versions of the ISO standards that would be fine and that would not escalate to an NC.

    The Online Browsing Platform is part of the ISO website and you can purchase the ISO standards thru that as well. But I don't recommend anyone purchase standards from ISO or IEC as they are the most expensive sources to purchase from.  I recommend typically going to Estonia Standards which seems to be the least expensive European Standards Body selling ISO and IEC standards in their national version of the standard.  You have to be careful how you purchase the standards and to buy 2 copies so it is not a locked version that can be printed multiple times, and other issues. 

    To learn more about standards go to the Combinate Podcast Episode 132 which will post early Wed 17 April and I will be discussing a lot about standards development, the evolution of standards, IEC 60601, a life without standards, and more.

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