RAC (US) Preparation Virtual Program (Autumn 2018)

When:  Aug 1, 2018

1 August – 28 September 2018

The RAC (US) Prep Virtual Program provides a thorough knowledge of regulatory functions throughout product lifecycle for medical devices, IVDs, pharmaceuticals and biologics. Using the Fundamentals of US Regulatory Affairs book as a foundation, the program provides real-world examples and practical applications provided by regulatory experts. It also includes information about FDA regulations and employs critical thinking and analytical skills to help you better prepare for the RAC (US) exam. This program will be utilizing the Fundamentals of US Regulatory Affairs 9th edition because the current RAC exam covers regulations up to the 9th edition of the publication.

This virtual format offers a more flexible schedule, so you can take notes and review topics at your own pace. The program includes six live Q&A sessions with regulatory experts who can provide more clarity and answer your specific questions. Dig into and revisit topic areas you need more time on, or use familiar information as a reference to brush up on your regulatory knowledge.

The following topic areas are covered:  

  • General information
  • Drugs
  • Medical devices
  • Biologics
  • Other product classifications
  • Inspection and enforcement

This is a high-engagement program with different learning and study formats including:

  • Eight weeks of lessons in a virtual classroom setting through on-demand webcasts
  • Six live, expert-led Q&A sessions
  • Expert regulatory facilitators
  • Online community for virtual study groups
  • RAC (US) practice exam
  • Study checklist
  • US exam content outline