Aimee Feuser

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United States


I have a background in electrical and mechanical engineering, biomedical research, scientific/grant writing, and regulatory affairs, and a dedication to serving people and advancing technology. After working in advanced prosthetics research for several years, I transitioned to industry where I managed federally funded research projects and eventually oversaw regulatory strategy and compliance at a small medical device company in Chicago. I am passionate about ensuring that beneficial technologies make it to the end user, so in 2019 I formed my own consulting practice to tackle the regulatory barriers facing medical device start-ups/small businesses. I am a firm believer in the value of regulations to ensure product safety and efficacy, but also believe that companies should be able to spend less time, energy, and money navigating the requirements, and more time implementing them. My other professional interests include organizational culture, behavioral healthcare, and medical devices for the developing world.


Northwestern University
Chicago, Illinois, United States
M.S., 2007
Mechanical Engineering

Job History

Director, Research Operations & Regulatory Affairs
April 2017 - present

Regional Areas of Interest

  • North America

Highest Level of Education Completed

  • Master’s degree