Charlene Revel

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United States
RegEx Ambassador
RegEx Pro


Hi there! I am a french regulatory professional currently living in Boston, MA. I am a PharmD and I own a Master's degree in Regulatory Sciences. After 6 years in Industry, dealing with various Reg Strategy and CMC projects for both international and EU countries, I am now on the consulting side and helping our client, mostly biotech and startup companies - to find the best regulatory strategy to succeed in their development plan.


University of Pharmacy
Clermont-Ferrand, France
PharmD, 2012
Pharmacy; Regulatory Affairs
2006 To 2012

Year Entered Profession

  • 2010-2014

Current Organization Type

  • Consulting Firm

Highest Degree Earned

  • Masters

Regional Interests

  • Europe
  • Global
  • North America