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Colin Morgan is a key thought leader in the Healthcare Cybersecurity Industry, with over two decades of experience working in technology and cybersecurity. He is currently Managing Director at Apraciti, a medical device cybersecurity services organization, which specializes in providing cybersecurity engineering expertise to medical device manufacturers building medical technology and integrating cybersecurity with quality management systems. Colin is a member of Healthcare Sector Coordinating Council and co-author of the Medical Device and Health IT Joint Security Plan, a voluntary framework for medical device cybersecurity released in 2019. He is also an expert trainer and facilitator for the US FDA funded, Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC) Medical Device & Diagnostic Threat Modeling Bootcamp training program (, being executed in 2020. Previously, Colin founded, developed, and led an industry leading Product Security Program at Johnson & Johnson, the largest healthcare company in the world. As global leader and Head of Product Security, he helped develop and implement cybersecurity and quality processes, engineered medical devices for cybersecurity, performed security testing, and managed security vulnerabilities with security researchers. Colin is a former Network & Security Engineer at the Central Intelligence Agency and contractor for a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations’ supercomputing program.

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