Welcome to the RAPS Europage Community!

The Europage is a unique source for national regulatory news from across Europe – from and for regulatory professionals. Europage is the joint achievement of dedicated RAPS members living and working in Europe, who want to actively contribute to the regulatory community and share pertinent information with their peers. This page will compile regulatory news from national agency websites and other sources, and summarize relevant news bits in English and provide Internet links to the original source.

We hope you will find great benefit from this unique regulatory resource, specifically dedicated to Europe!


Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight
Each month, RAPS turns the spotlight on a member making an impact in RAPS and on the regulatory community. These members are the backbone of the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society and an inspiration for others. If you are interested in being highlighted or nominating another member for the spotlight, please contact Austen Gage at agage@raps.org.

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