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RAPS Convergence Planning Committee

Signup Deadline: 26-Nov-2023
Starts: 01-Dec-2023
Ends: 30-Sep-2026


RAPS is seeking two volunteers to join the RAPS Convergence planning committee.


To develop themes and tracks and identify topics and speakers for the RAPS Annual Conference (“Convergence”) that are suited to the needs of members and the profession and positions the annual conference as the preeminent professional development, learning, and networking opportunity for the regulatory profession. Current RAPS members with previous volunteer experience with RAPS are preferredEvaluations will be not only based on the individual but on the overall needs of the committee to achieve diverse representation to deliver a well-rounded program. 

There are currently two (2) openings in the pharmaceuticals focus area. Domestic and international volunteers are encouraged to apply.  


The RAPS Convergence Committee will work with RAPS staff to do the following: 

  • Identify content tracks for the full conference that will be a mix of evergreen topics that will remain consistent, year-over-year, and hot topics appropriate to the medical device, pharma, and IVDR regulatory communities. 

  • Review all conference abstract submissions and, using a pre-selected rubric, select those that reflect excellence and innovation in regulatory work and can be slotted into one of the tracks defined previously. 

  • Create the conference agenda, based on the tracks and selected abstracts. 

  • Assist RAPS staff in identifying topics of interest for pre-conference workshops and potential subject matter experts to develop content and lead the workshops. 

  • Provide feedback to RAPS staff on networking ideas and opportunities. 

  • Participate in monthly committee calls beginning in December 2023 and one, 2-day in-person program planning meeting at RAPS Headquarters in Rockville, MD (late February/early March in 2024).  

  • During program planning, must be able to provide session development support and serve as committee liaison for up to five sessions. Including: 

  • Up to 20 hours per month during general program planning and abstract review period (December – April). 

  • 20+ hours per month during peak program planning (MaySeptember). 

  • Travel to Convergence and provide support as session moderator and/or committee representative. 



  • The committee will consist of nineteen (19) members, all RAPS volunteers. 

  • (1) One Chair. 

  • (1) One Vice Chair. 

  • (1) One President of the RAPS Board of Directors. 

  • (14) Fourteen others, chosen from pool of volunteers. 

  • (2) Two Health Authority Advisors. 



  • Committee members serve one (1) three-year term. 

  • Committee Chair and Vice Chair both serve one (1), two-year term in the respective roles: Vice Chair becomes the Committee chair for two (2) additional years. 



  • Travel, hotel, and meals paid by RAPS for in-person committee review meeting in February/March 2024. 

  • Complimentary full conference registration plus one ticket to the Convergence Networking Party. 

  • Travel and hotel coordination and costs for Convergence are the responsibility of committee members. 



  • Two (2 open slots: pharmaceuticals-focused) 



  • Eight (8) or more years of industry experience 

  • Demonstrated success in working with committees (RAPS and otherwise) 

Volunteers Needed:

19 (2 open slots)

Experience Required:

8 - 12 Years Industry Experience

Volunteer Stars:



Aubrey Garner