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Call for Volunteers - RAPS Editorial Advisory Committee

Signup Deadline: 22-Sep-2021
Starts: 18-Oct-2021
Ends: 18-Oct-2024


The RAPS Editorial Advisory Committee (EAC) is looking for members to assist with the content for both the medical devices and science and technology sectors. To better serve the needs of the regulatory community, the EAC is comprised of members from three sectors, which include pharmaceuticals and biologics in addition to medical devices and science and technology. We are currently accepting applications for the Medical Device and Science and Technology sectors.

Members of the EAC are responsible for identifying key topics and content within specific areas of interest for regulatory professionals and recommending subject matter experts to serve as authors and/or reviewers for book chapters, Regulatory Focus feature articles, case studies, interviews, white papers, and other content. They have an integral role in developing the editorial calendars each year for books and feature articles.

The medical device sector covers current general, domestic, and international topics related to the research, development, manufacturing, commercialization, clearance/approval and/or postmarket consideration of medical devices, including, but not limited to, software, capital equipment, and in vitro diagnostics. These topics are discussed from the perspective of any relevant regulatory aspects for that element.

The science and technology sector covers scientific and technological advances beyond those covered by the medical devices and pharmaceuticals sectors. Topics include regulatory science, quality assurance, and policy activities; Codex Alimentarius/WHO/FAO, pertinent to science of gene therapy, drones, AI, IT, big data, and scientific uncertainty; omics, diagnostics, and cosmetics; food and specialized nutrition; dietary supplements and nutraceuticals; food safety, and food/drug/device/cosmetics borderline topics.

Do you have the knowledge and expertise to contribute to the EAC? To be considered for this opportunity, click the “Apply Today!” button (only appears after you’ve logged in) to submit your resume/CV and provide a brief statement describing your interest in serving on this committee.


Health technology assessment
Medical Devices
Technology management

Volunteers Needed:

8 (3 open slots)

Experience Required:

8 - 12 Years Industry Experience

Volunteer Stars:



Wesley Carr
Director of Stakeholder Engagement