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Starts: 23-Feb-2023


Our RAC Spotlight series showcases regulatory professionals who've earned their RAC credentials. Through these interviews, we celebrate and honor our RAC credential holders and share your stories with our global regulatory community so that others can learn from your journey.

The link above has sample questions. We'll talk about the reasons you decided to earn your certification, what it was like, and the benefits you've experienced since earning your credential. Don't stress too much about the questions. You know the answers because they're about your experience! And if you think your story isn't worth telling, stop that! We promise, it'll be worth it. And RAPS will be forever grateful for your efforts to spread the word about your experience.

We can conduct the interview over Zoom or we can do them in-person if you're attending a RAPS' event. We'll sort all that out after you apply.

Volunteers Needed:

100 (100 open slots)

Experience Required:

At least 5 years industry experience

Volunteer Stars:



Ryan Connors
Social Media and Communications Specialist