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  • Hi RegEx Members, As our RegEx year in review week comes to an end, we thought it would be fitting to close out with some things to look forward to in the coming weeks and months. RAPS will be launching a brand-new community on RegEx for our Executive Development Program in conjunction with Northwestern Kellogg School of Management very soon. ...

  • Hi there is no EU recommendation regarding such components, but I recommend to add this sterilisation information. ------------------------------ Evangelos Tavandzis Praha Czech Republic ------------------------------

  • Hi there is a MEDDEV which can help you to orient in the EU classification see atached MEDDEV ------------------------------ Evangelos Tavandzis Praha Czech Republic ------------------------------

  • Hi, Does anybody know about patient data registries and can such registries be cloud based? Does this require regulatory approval? Do the regulations differ for the various geographies? This is a new subject for me and any guidance in this regard will be helpful. Thanks & Regards, Rashmi Pillay Regulatory ...

  • Hi Shan, I would like to join the group. My email I'd is divyajajula@gmail.com . Regards, Divya ------Original Message------ Hi Shan, My email id is archana.hirani@gmail.com. Thank you, Archana ------------------------------ Archana Hirani Lawrenceville NJ United States ------------------------------

2018 Year in Review:

As our members continue to strive for regulatory excellence, RAPS wants to provide the necessary membership benefits for them to do so. In an interview with some of our RAPS members, we asked them what membership benefits stood out to them the most. What benefits were their favorite? Because at RAPS your membership matters, and here, in RegEx, our community counts.

A special thank you to all our members who participated in this video. For those who would like to participate in future video interviews, please see the volunteer opportunity here


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