Record a Testimonial

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Starts: 13-Jan-2022
Location: Online Opportunity


Why are you a RAPS member? We want to know!

We want to feature our members more prominently on our website, social media channels and other communications. Because after all, what is our organization without its members?

So we're handing the mic over to you. Our request is simple: Just take a few minutes to record a video explaining what you get out of being a RAPS member here.
As long as you have a computer and a few minutes to spare, you’re good to go. No acting experience necessary. Our video recording software will take care of everything from ensuring proper lighting to supplying you with thought-provoking questions. All you have to do is hit record and speak from the heart.

Again, that link is here.

Don't hesitate to reach out to Ryan Connors, RAPS Community Engagement Coordinator, with any questions.



Volunteers Needed:

1300 (1283 open slots)

Experience Required:

0 to 2 Years Industry Experience

Volunteer Stars:



Ryan Connors
Social Media and Communications Specialist