RAPS membership committee

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Starts: 23-Oct-2023


The Membership Committee works with RAPS staff to provide advice, feedback, and counsel on membership recruitment, retention, engagement, inclusion, and membership value through recognized program benefits, educational offerings, networking opportunities, and other services to ensure that the member experience meets expectations and provides value to assist regulatory professionals. 

The mission of the membership committee is to provide oversight and direction to the needs of individual members of RAPS in various areas. 

The Membership Committee Roles: 

  • Membership Service – identify members' needs/strategies and recommend developing services to meet those needs that provide value to the member 
  • Increasing Membership – recommend strategies for increasing RAPS membership base, including underrepresented groups or special interest groups 
  • Keeping Membership Informed and Engaged – recommend ways to make the prospective and current members aware of RAPS resources, services, and benefits 
  • Welcoming New Members – recommend ways to acknowledge new members and encourage participation/volunteering in RAPS activities; conduct welcoming activities, i.e., at Convergence or other events, first-timers activities 
  • Identifying Nonmember Needs and Perceptions – analyze nonmember needs and recommend ways to meet those needs to attract nonmembers to join RAPS 
  • Best Practices – review, analyze membership procedures eliminating barriers to join  
  • Research – review and conduct data analysis/surveys 



The membership committee will meet at least quarterly (mostly virtually). We will try to arrange for in-person during RAPS Convergence. 

Volunteers Needed:

10 (0 open slots)

Experience Required:

0 to 2 Years Industry Experience

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Julie Gordon