SMEs for Ethics Course and Simulation Update

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Signup Deadline: 15-May-2024
Starts: 16-May-2024
Ends: 16-Aug-2024
Location: Online Opportunity


We are seeking two Subject Matter Experts with 5 to 10 years of experience in the field of ethics, particularly as it relates to regulatory affairs, to volunteer for a critical role in updating our Ethics course and its accompanying simulation.

This course, last updated in 2017, is designed to identify and analyze ethical issues that regulatory professionals may encounter, offering a general introduction to complex concepts, principles, and theories in ethics, bioethics, and legal principles. With the evolving nature of ethical considerations in product development, compliance, and clinical testing, an update is essential to ensure the course and simulation reflect the most current scenarios and guidelines.

Course Overview:

This course provides:

  • An analysis of ethical issues encountered by regulatory professionals.
  • An introduction to ethics, bioethics, and legal principles relevant to regulatory affairs.
  • Insights into ethical dilemmas in product development, compliance, and clinical testing.
  • A framework intended to complement the RAPS Code of Ethics and institutional policies.

Volunteer Role Expectations:

The SMEs will:

  • Review and assess the current course content and simulation scenarios for relevance and accuracy.
  • Identify necessary updates or enhancements to reflect the latest ethical challenges and dilemmas faced by regulatory professionals.
  • Revamp the course and simulation to include updated scenarios that are reflective of current ethical considerations in the regulatory field.
  • Ensure the course serves as an effective companion piece to the RAPS Code of Ethics and supports institutional policies and training programs.

Volunteer Specifications:

  • Individuals with 5 to 10 years of experience in ethics, particularly related to regulatory affairs, product development, compliance, and clinical testing.
  • A deep understanding of ethical, bioethical, and legal principles that inform the regulatory profession.
  • Experience with educational content development, including scenario-based simulations.
  • Strong analytical skills and a commitment to fostering ethical awareness and decision-making in the regulatory profession.

Key Details:

  • Number of Volunteers Needed: Two
  • Incentive: Recognition for contributions and a certificate of appreciation.

This volunteer opportunity offers a chance to have a profound impact on the ethical training of regulatory professionals, ensuring they are equipped to navigate complex ethical dilemmas with confidence and integrity. By contributing your expertise, you will help ensure that the Ethics course and simulation remain relevant, engaging, and in alignment with the latest in ethical standards and practices.

Interested experts are encouraged to apply by submitting their resume and a brief statement of interest, specifically highlighting their experience in ethics related to regulatory affairs and any prior involvement in educational content or simulation development.

Join us in this vital initiative to update and enhance the Ethics course and simulation, ensuring it reflects the most current ethical considerations and challenges since its last update in 2017. We look forward to your expertise and enthusiasm for this project!

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Volunteers Needed:

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Experience Required:

8 - 12 Years Industry Experience

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Kizzy Farria