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  • Thanks Ginger, I really appreciate your time and support! Regards, ------------------------------ Bhupinder Singh San Jose CA United States ------------------------------

  • Hello Marshall, Our company develops clinical evaluation reports (CERs) and I am the evaluator of those reports, most of which I have drafted alone, but others leading a team within our group. We also have a practicing physician who I have trained and who will shortly begin to work with us under my supervision. I am a Medical Doctor who specialized ...

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    RE: RAC Preparation

    Arvila, You've highlighted the problem with multiple-choice exams - they're more a test of deduction abilities than of knowledge and understanding. ------------------------------ Steve Binysh Acta Pharma Services Ltd RUISLIP United Kingdom ------------------------------

Rainer Voelksen, FRAPS, Talks Volunteering and European Advisory Committee

"Regulatory professionals need to hear the voices of those working in other countries. Just helping others to get used to hearing other languages is important, and you can be a cultural representative at the table in any stage of your career. The regulatory industry is increasingly global, but all regulators work differently. We must all work harder to become comfortable sharing information in an international space so that the industry can successfully continue to develop."

Rainer Voelksen, FRAPS


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