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    RE: Notified Body selection

    Virginia, If you have been working with a few NBs, you will find it good to work with Dekra. Generally speaking, there have been some differences (minor to significant) how NBs enforce ERs. Action to Take: Please talk to them and see how their process works (how responsive or how they handle disagreements, etc.) ...

  • Thanks, Dirk, but they really don't want a firm that offers a range of services. They want a firm that specializes in US Agent services, like the two in the links. ------------------------------ Julie Omohundro, ex-RAC (US, GS), still an MBA Principal Consultant Class Three, LLC Durham, North Carolina, USA 919-544-3366 (T) 434-964-1614 (C) julie@class3devices.com

  • DEKRA is Ok, but like all NBs ... they all have their own bureaucracies and eccentricities J . Art ------Original Message------ Hello RAPS community, Has any of you worked with Dekra as a notified body? Would you mind sharing some feedback with me via a private message? Any other recommendations would be helpful too. I am familiar...

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