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  • Hi I completely agree with Richard´s interpretation. BR Evangelos CE marking auditor/ ISO auditor ------------------------------ Evangelos Tavandzis Praha Czech Republic ------------------------------

  • Hello, I am a Regulatory Affairs Specialist in medical devices for the last five years and I have just recently started studying for the RAC US, any advice on how to approach this? I have recently worked with RAPS to set up Ireland's Local Netwroking Group, any suggestions for running a study group? Thank you! ------------------------------ Maria ...

  • ​If you are referring to a domestic distributor that is furthering your device within the USA, I don't know of any requirement for an agreement.  The distributor has requirements, but I don't believe that those are specifically bound to you.  The manufacturer has to "maintain records of the name and address of the initial consignee."  Your distributor ...

As our members continue to strive for regulatory excellence, RAPS wants to provide the necessary membership benefits for them to do so. In an interview with some of our RAPS members, we asked them what membership benefits stood out to them the most. What benefits were their favorite? Because at RAPS your membership matters, and here, in RegEx, our community counts.

A special thank you to all our members who participated in this video. For those who would like to participate in future video interviews, please see the volunteer opportunity here


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